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Sahara+ PharmaMOP GO Sterile Mop

The exclusive materials of the Sahara+ mop trap and remove the most adherent disinfectant and process residues, reducing viable and non-viable particle counts.

Vídeo: Residue removal s¡with Sahara+ PharmaMOP GO


High absorbency coated foam layer retains and applies fluids evenly to meet disinfectant contact time. Use Sahara+ PharmaMOP on walls, windows, ceilings, floors and equipment.

Vídeo:  window cleaning with  Sahara+ PharmaMOP FS880SHST



  • The 0.5" foam core retains and releases more liquid, making it easier to achieve longer contact times and cover a wider area with a single pass.
  • The pore type of the polyurethane foam is optimized to decrease the drip effect. Facilitates a less wasteful and safer protocol, both on walls and ceilings.
  • Minimizes microbial contamination on the surface. The unique Sahara+ mop materials remove, trap, and eliminate residue and dirt while applying disinfectant evenly to meet contact time requirements.
  • It allows the user to verify that the entire mop is well saturated and the pore is well inflated from the first use. The blue color of the inner foam is visible through the polyester top cover when the mop is properly and evenly wetted.
  • Maximum particle control in use. Ultrasonically sealed edge provides maximum in-use particle control.
  • Reduces labor time. Ultrasonically sealed pockets allow the mop frame to slide into the head easily and be ready to use in seconds.
  • Maximum compatibility. Provides efficient cleaning of walls, floors, and ceilings. Compatible with bleach, QUAT, peracetic acid, peroxide, and IPA-based cleaning and disinfecting agents.


Video: Removal of adhered waste in Clean Rooms. Comparison of mops. Vídeo:  Removal of adhered waste in Clean Rooms. Comparison of mops. 


    • Polyester microfiber.
    • 2 Sahara+ sponge bands.
    • High absorbency foam core.
    • Pockets, for contactless systems.
    • Dimensions: 0.5 x 15 x 36 cm
    • ABCD packaging.
    • Irradiated with Gamma rays at SAL 10.
    • Particle test (0.5- 10.0 µm) with Helmke Drum: ≤ 700 particles/mop.
    • Sterile. Available in NOT sterile.

→ Sahara® Foam Scrubbing Strips dislodge contaminants and provides superior abrasion resistance.

2 → Lint free hybrid microfiber fabric entraps & removes microbial contamination and stubbornly adhered disinfectant residues.

3 → The combination of Sahara® Foam Scrubbing Strips and Microfiber provide optimal gliding even on high friction, non-skid cleanroom floors.

4 → Encased Foam core provides high absorbency to evenly apply disinfectants & 70% IPA to enchance cleaning performance and to meet contact times.

5 → Ultrasonically Sealed Edge provides unsurpassed in-use particulate control.