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Cleanwipe DC-1212


Cleanwipe DC-1212 is a two-layer wiper, constructed of 100% polyester continuous filament, knitted in a double-knit interlock pattern. The two-layer construction offers high absorbency, while the ultrasonic edge cutting prevents the release of particles and fibres. Cleanroom laundered.



•  Polyester 100%.
•  Ultrasonically cuted edges.
•  Double bagged, with a solvent resistant label.
•  Size: 12 "x 12" (31x31 cm).
•  Packaging: 100 wipes / double bag, 6 double bags / box, total quantity 600 wipes. 



•  The high resistance of the wipe and the ultrasonically sealed edge ensure a very low level of fibres and particle emission.
Two-layer construction offers excellent absorption.
•  Maximum cleaning efficiency generates significant time savings.
•  A double packaging ensures product integrity and and facilitates the transfer to classified areas.



•  Spill control.
•  Suitable for class 100 - 10,000 cleanrooms.
•  Aplications requiring both cleanliness and high absorbency.
•  Cleaning of machines and equipment parts.